United States MFG Association is based out of the Research Triangle Park (RTP) in Durham, North Carolina. We believe in promoting collaboration and communication between U.S. manufacturers and the industrial businesses that support them.

Our team makes up a group of industry veterans, who saw the need in the sector for a quality organization like US MFG. We are dedicated to providing first class support, service, and information to all of our members.



Who joins the US MFG Association?

We are glad you asked! US MFG receives thousands of web visitors every week, most of whom are looking for American manufacturers to partner with. We also receive many visits from U.S. manufacturers looking for products and services from American engineering companies and industrial distributors. Here at US MFG, we help foster the collaboration sought by these companies. Our ranks include manufacturers, machine shops, suppliers, engineering firms, industrial service providers, and many more. Together we make up US MFG.

If you would like more information, please don’t hesitate to┬ácontact us.